You'll always know the right time to sell with Signal

Signal is your customer retention tool straight from Toyota — giving you an accurate, unified, consistent view of customer data to enable stronger dealer-to-customer relationships through accuracy, intelligence and automation.

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Actionable Data

Direct-from-the-source customer intelligence that is scored & flagged to distinguish high value customers.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Business intelligence based predictive modeling, propensity scores and loyalty predictors.

Single Source Tool

Data from numerous individual applications sourced into a single location within Dealer Daily.

Sort and Export

Target customers based on key criteria such as potential equity, end of contract, loyalty offers, protection products, model name, VIN and more.

Signal is the result of an in-depth pilot project with 24 dealers working to craft a dealer insight experience that truly elevates the Toyota customer experience.

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Generate insights based on your dealership's custom workflows

Applying custom filters not only helps you explore your current information, they are also used by Signal to suggest additional leads based on your criteria, accelerating your dealership's outreach.

Customer Summary

Prioritize efforts with a ranked list of customers ready to be contacted.

Signal provides an assessment of actionable customers that enables you to plan and prioritize sales efforts to maximize their lifetime value.


Know what your customers are eligible for

Review deep information on customer details and activity across the entire Toyota brand so that you can gain insights and initiate actions with all of your customers and leads.


" The more I use it, the more I trust it. These are some convenient time efficient tools. "

Lexus of Riverside

" Super Cool! Looks great so far. "

Lexus of Lakeway

" Are you kidding me? Do you know how much time this is going to save me? "

Titus-Will Toyota

What comes next for Signal

The future of knowing your customer is in the data

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